Parking is at the Whitdel Apartments, 1250 Hubbard, Detroit. 
CAID will have two volunteers (green vests) helping find parking spaces.  They will be outside the entire event, so will also provide some security.  We will also notify the police who usually have an occasional presence around events like this. Click here for a map.

Please note if you seek directions through the linked google map: the directions ought to read ‘Fisher Fwy W SERVICE DRIVE’.  Unfortunately, the directions just say Fisher Fwy W.  You are on the service drive for about 10 seconds before turning right on Scotten. 
My directions:  Get on I-75 South just past the Ambassador Bridge where I-96 East merges with I-75.  Get in the right lane of I-75 S. and exit at Clark St.  Take the service drive 100 yards or so to Scotten, and turn right.  Go to the first stop sign, Porter.  Turn right on Porter.  Go to the first intersection, Porter, and look for help from the parking volunteers (green vests).